Hi Everybody.

I got my first camera right after finishing high school. It was a used Argus C3. I've been having fun shooting pictures and slides ever since, with only a few time outs over the years. I've used several different cameras during that time.

Up until the last two years the cameras were nothing spectacular but produced decent pictures. Now I use an SLR/10 pixel digital 18-55 mm f3.5-5.6GII for most shots and a little Advantex film camera just for wide angles.

Besides being an art form, photography is a beautiful medium for recording seconds of life for us and future generations to enjoy and reflect upon. So, I'm compelled to share these pictures with those who are in them, and anyone I believe would have a legitimate interest in them. Some will be private and some will be public.

I'm sure that many of you are as sensitive about what goes up on the www pertaining to you as I am. That's why I chose Smugmug as a provider. If you are concerned, check out its' security features.

I also have a natural ability to draw pictures. I call it a natural ability because it happens more from feeling than from the little bit of formal learning that I've had in art. These days I find drawing very relaxing and gratifying, after assigning it to a lesser priority during my working years. I always called myself an artist. Now other artists are calling me one. You be the judge. Check it out in "Photo Art".

I hope you enjoy these parts of life as much as I enjoyed creating and recording them.